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SR&ED Tax Incentives – A Comprehensive Guide for Canadian Business Owners

The SR&ED program provides more than $3 billion in tax incentives to Canadian businesses annually. You don’t need to be a mega corporation with dedicated R&D facilities to apply. Innovating companies from any sector can carry out work that is eligible, with roughly 75% of the funds going to small businesses. Read our essential guide to learn more about these powerful tax incentives and how they can help your company drive growth and innovation.


Plan ahead to overcome increased capital gains inclusion rate

On June 25, 2024, the capital gains inclusion rate is increasing from 50% to 66.67%. This significant amendment will impact taxpayers disposing of assets like shares, bonds, rental properties, secondary homes, or business equipment after this date. Prepare now with this comprehensive overview of what these changes mean for you and how you can plan ahead to mitigate the increased tax burden.

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